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Introducing cobe MPOS

It is

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Is it suitable for me?

Yes, Cobe MPOS is not suitable for everyone! If you 

Is it hard to use?

It is really easy to use — we promise! In fact, it usually take less than 15 minutes to train up employee to use the POS system!

Are you going to provide training?

Yes, we provide onsite training within Klang Valley (contact us for our coverage area). For those of you out of our coverage, we can do video call training. We also have a series of tutorial video available in our customer portal!

What if I bought it and don’t know how to use?

Don’t worry, we will provide one year online support, which means you can contact us when you face a problem. 

How can I get it?

If you are within our onsite coverage, we will provide training onsite and bring the devices along. 

If you are out of the coverage area, we will ship the unit to your place for free, and provide training through video call!

So How Much is the Price?

The original price of the product is RM1599, but is now RM1399 for LIMITED TIME, with no MONTHLY PAYMENT. 

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